A Little Farm

From Yellow Barns To Yellow-bellied

Yellow Barns


Traditional Red Barns

Say the word “barn” and what’s the first color that pops into your head? Red barns are a common sight when driving through farmland. I’d love to find a color that differentiates us from the rest, but still holds true varies somewhat from the traditional look, but stands out without screaming. Another factor in choosing a color is wanting a color that represents us.

Honey Bee Yellow

Bees and honey: the first color that comes to mind is yellow. I want a nice clean yellow; nothing too muted where you only notice it’s yellow upon close inspection, and nothing you’d see a mile down the road. Just something that blends with its surroundings but still differentiates and identifies us.

Yellow Barns Slides

Chickening Out

If I wanted to really stand out and be different, I’d pick a bright yellow paint and pair it with black paint. Alternate strips of the barn siding would be painted with these colors. The size of the barn, however, is way too big for something like this.

Reasons not to go with a bee-like theme:

  1. The main draw of the farm is its scenery and classic feel. With a striped barn, you probably wouldn’t notice anything else within a mile.
  2. It would probably be customer prohibitive to have a painter do it, and I don’t plan on painting the barn to be my lifelong project.
  3. I’d probably suffer from an ongoing case if vertigo every time I looked in the direction of the barn.
  4. I like my neighbors and would hate to alienate them.

Being that I cannot decide on a barn color and am feeling yellow-bellied, I think I’ll take that as a sign and experiment with painting the chicken coop yellow.

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