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Used Bookstore Wanted

A member of a Westchester town group on Facebook asks “Does anyone know about a group that may be organizing a used book store for the town? There is so much open store front and I would love to hang out in a bookstore with a cup of coffee on the weekends.”

Where does one begin after reading this?

  1. It sounds like you need something to do on your weekends, try starting a group and organizing a used bookstore for the town.
  2. If you want a cup of coffee while you hang out on the weekends, there are already two coffee shops in town, on Main Street.
  3. Rents in Westchester County are exorbitantly high; there is a reason “there is so much open store front” space and hanging out with a cup of coffee on the weekend will not pay the rent.
  4. As you have failed to mention buying books (or anything having to do with books), I’d bet you plan on perusing books, reading them only while you are there, and connecting to the bookstore’s free wifi so you can buy them off of Amazon to save yourself some money.

The best suggestions I can offer is to pay a visit to one of coffee shops already there in town or linger at a Starbucks and B. Y. O. B. (bring your own books).

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