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The Return of the Red Baron

A local business (in Tarrytown) informally invited the community into his store.

“I’m not very good at this so hopefully this works but I did Snoopy and the Red Baron for my our Christmas window and I would like to offer if anyone with a well-behaved child that’s say 8 years or younger to have their picture taken in the window I have a little bean bag for them to sit on just call the shop first and bring your own camera or cell phone.”

What makes this a gesture in the spirit of Christmas is it’s not an effort to lure people in and increase sales. It’s not the type of business that prospers from foot traffic or impulse buys.

Another aspect of this is window dressing is a forgotten art and rarely seen. It’s refreshing to see a store window capturing the essence of the season and not filling the glass-laden area with advertisements and self serving clutter.

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