The Barnyard

Oh Deer, A Goat

Since moving out of Westchester, we strangely find ourselves going to Cortlandt Manor and accumulating farm animals. There’s a poultry supply store which has the most patient man you’ll ever meet, and he will help you through whatever you need. We’ve acquired more chickens than we can count from him, often on impulse.

Today, we told ourselves we weren’t getting anymore chickens, and we held true to our word. Instead, we left with a four week old goat. Getting the goat wasn’t so much of a stretch since we just recently got three Nubian Goats. I thought I was getting a Nubian male today, but now that I look at him, he’s nothing like the three girls. At first, I thought the difference in appearance was just due to his age, but the more I look at him, the more obvious it is that he isn’t a Nubian.


A month later, he reminds me more and more of a deer, especially around the eyes and ears, the question now is what breed is he?

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