Grand Isle Ferry

I don’t recall ever being on a roll-on/roll-off (RORO) ferry. The only memory I have of anything that even remotely comes close is being aboard the Circle Line as a child, which was (and still is) a sightseeing cruise that took you around Manhattan in a matter of hours.

I think I started becoming enamored with ferry boats when I first came across old photos of the Newburgh Beacon Ferry. While the Newburgh Beacon Ferry (originally known as the Newburgh-Fishkill Ferry) ceased operation in 1963, upon the opening of the Newburgh Beacon Bridge, I was enthralled by the those photos, full of all those cars, floating back and forth across he Hudson River.

For about 15 to 20 years now, I’ve been wanting to drive aboard a RORO, and haven’t gone anywhere that would warrant such a trip. The ferries in closed proximity to me are ferries primarily meant to shuttle daily commuters. Riding along with large masses of people just wanting to go home doesn’t sound like the most enjoyable of experiences. To do this right, I need to plan a vacation, something that involves spending at least a night or two, where coming and going within the same day isn’t an option.

This desire was recently resurrected when the Greater Adirondack Ghost Tour Company shared a clip of the Grand Isle Ferry crossing Lake Champlain on Facebook.

A trip from the Hudson Valley to Lake Champlain can be considered a trip in itself, and with all the different borders that surround the lake, there’s plenary of choices to make this into a full fledged vacation. While I’m there, I’d even want to get a ghost tour in. While I haven’t had much of an urge to visit Plattsburgh, the ghost tours have been sitting in the back of my mind. I haven’t been able muster up a reason to take a long ride there and back for one of the tours, but a ferry ride, a trip to Vermont, and a haunted history tour may be just the reason.

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