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Ardsley Is Not On The Hudson

After spending several years in Ardsley, New York, I still don’t know how to describe where Ardsley is, without getting too technical, besides saying its between Yonkers and White Plains and had the New York State Thruway run past it.

On a rare instance where I was taking the Metro-North’s Hudson Line, I passed a station for Ardsley-on-Hudson. Having been in Ardsley so many years ago, I couldn’t fathom where Ardsley came across to the Hudson. The station was somewhat in the right vicinity, being near Hastings and Dobbs Ferry, but I couldn’t tell what part of Ardsley this was, nor could I recall Ardsley having a train station.

Lincoln Avenue in Ardsley, NY

A little research revealed Ardsley and Ardsley-on-Hudson are two different locations, even though they are in close proximity to each other. Ardsley-on-Hudson is actually a part of the Village of Irvington and has no relation with the Village of Ardsley. The name “Ardsley-On-Hudson” came to be from Ardsley Casino, which was located there. but without delving too deep, I cannot tell how the casino came to share the same name with the village.

Ardsley Towers in Ardsley-on-Hudson, NY


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